Vehicle Swap Agreement Template

After receiving the full payment, the seller agrees to transfer the buyer`s property to the next vehicle to the buyer: 1.1 “Vehicle” and “Auto” are both the vehicle that must be sold in accordance with point 9. 3.8 The purchaser guarantees that he buys a used vehicle “as intended” and that he assumes responsibility for the vehicle with the sole exception of deliberately hidden errors, provided that it is received at the signing of this Contract. 7.3 Both parties agree that in the event of a dispute, after the signing of the agreement before the International Chamber of Commerce, they will hold an arbitration procedure before an arbitrator, the judgment of which ultimately settles the dispute and is final. 2.2 The seller is not related to the purchase, sale or advertising group of cars. 3.5 The buyer is responsible for paying the correct price of the car, as agreed between the parties: COMMUNITY CHOICE FINANCIAL INC. Alabama, LLC Arizona, Inc. BUCKEYE CHECK CASHING, INC. Checksmart Finanzunternehmen Mississippi, LLC QC FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. QC HOLDINGS, INC. QC HOLDINGS, LLC Document Date: 11/10/2016 Governing Law:Ohio 2.7 The seller has drawn the buyer`s attention to all current errors, of which he is reasonably aware of the vehicle and that there are no deliberately hidden errors on the vehicle. PandaTip: You can insert a list of errors here if they are preferred, or you can introduce a clause stating that “these errors are more complete on the attached sheet” – add an additional page to the back of the contract with a list of agreed defects that must be signed by both parties. WHEREAS: The seller is willing to sell the vehicle to the buyer on the terms set out in this agreement, and the buyer is ready to buy the vehicle from the seller under these conditions.

2.11 The seller is not responsible for subsequent fault, normal wear or defects, unless these defects have been deliberately concealed or if a guarantee is offered by the buyer to the Seller. 1.6 The agreement can be executed in English or other languages. In the event of a conflict or confusion between the agreement and its various translations, the English version is given priority. 3.1 The buyer must pay the agreed price to the seller. 1.7 If part or all of a clause is considered invalid or defective, only that clause is deemed null and void and the rest of the agreement remains enforceable. 3.7 The buyer has consulted the vehicle at the seller`s address and accepts the vehicle in its current condition, as can be seen in the (s) vision (s). PandaTip: Both parties may wish to keep original signed copies of the agreement for future references. PandaTip: amendment clause if necessary if payment is not made at the time of signing. 1.3 The “price” refers to the agreed total price for the vehicle, as explained in Article 3. (Make sure your insurance covers your trip to your destination) It was agreed that the contract would replace all prior discussions or proposals between the two parties. . PandaTip: Change this clause based on the agreed payment method.

For example, if the two parties agree on the planned payments: “The payment is made according to the following schedule: 01/01/2017 $100.00 (cash) 02/01/2017 $200.00 (to be paid by cheque) 03/01/2017 300,00 0 0 (to be paid by bank transfer) Other examples could be: “Cash payment of 10,000.00 USD in full” “Payment by bank transfer of 10,000.00 USD to account details XXXX Trircode XXXX” “Payment of the amount of 10,000.00 USD per cheque.”

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