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Applicants are advised to carefully review all information before applying for a visa waiver to ensure that there is no typo or inconsistency in their data. This ensures that their ETIAS application can be handled smoothly, as errors can delay the process. All data provided on the visa waiver application in Europe for visa exemption is verified using several security databases managed by the European Union Agency for the Operational Management of Large-scale Information Systems in the Freedom, Security and Justice Area, also known as eu-LISA. Note: Bilateral agreements between NZ and EU Member States may vary depending on the new legislation in force. If you are from a visa-exempt country, you do not need to apply for your visa before travelling to New Zealand, provided you are in good health and good character. You have to show that you are a real visitor, that you have enough money for your stay and that you have a new Zealand ticket to a country where you have a right. The visa exemption applies when visitors intend to stay for three months or less or visit for six months or less and are British citizens. ESTA will evaluate your authorization to travel to the United States under the visa waiver program. The evaluation includes questions about previous arrests and/or convictions. If you have been arrested or charged with a misdemeanor, including offences involving the use of a controlled substance, you may need a U.S. visa and, in some cases, a waiver of ineligibility. If you opt for an electronic travel authorization via the ESTA, the system will notify you if you need to visit the U.S. Consulate in Auckland to apply for a visa.

For more information on ESTA and whether you are eligible for VWP, please visit the ESTA website. Other countries require either a valid passport on arrival or a passport valid for the duration of their stay. Some countries have bilateral agreements with other countries to reduce the validity of the passport for citizens of the other country[394] [395] or even to accept passports that have already expired (but have not been cancelled). [396] To meet THE VWP requirements upon arrival in the United States by air or sea, you must travel through a “undersigned” airline that has signed an agreement guaranteeing U.S. transportation if you find yourself inadmissible or repellent. Most commercial airlines departing from Australia for the United States are signatories. A full list of signatories is available here. The Netherlands exempts New Zealand nationals in Category “D” from the Schengen visa requirement (the long-term visa in the Netherlands of more than 90 days, known as “MVV” in Dutch) – an exception that goes beyond the visa exemption for most other non-EEA and non-Swiss foreigners, who generally receive only an exemption of up to 90 days over a 180-day period. [380] The New Zealand government has signed bilateral visa-free agreements with a number of Schengen countries allowing New Zealand citizens to spend up to three months in the country concerned, without reference to time spent in other Schengen states. [355] [356] [357] [358] [359] [360] [361] [362] [363] the European Commission confirmed that, in practice, when New Zealanders visit Schengen countries that have signed such bilateral agreements with New Zealand, the terms of these agreements abdicate the conditions normally set by the Schengen visa-free agreement. [365] However, this situation will change by the end of 2022, when eTIAS is expected to be fully implemented.

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