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Partial control is a provision of the planning act that, as the term indicates, governs the transfer or sale of part of a lot in a registered subdivision plan. The municipality uses this provision to avoid a possible uncontrolled division of lots within a subdivision plan after the plan is registered. The agreements are written on the title and remain in effect for the entire life of the development. A request to unblock an agreement may be considered if all the conditions of the authorization are met. A non-residential contract must remain in ownership for at least five years after the release of all financial securities. Minor derogations from a building that has obtained a building permit may take place without further authorization if the Director General has given written permission. If the sworn insurance is deemed valid, a traffic process is initiated. A communication is sent to the city council, the community organization and the owners/residents within a 60-metre radius of the land concerned. The communication contains a summary of insurance under oath, an explanation of the process and a contact person in the planning and growth management.

Your application must be accompanied by plans illustrating the parts of the lots in the subdivision you wish to submit (three copies of the survey plan are recommended). As a precondition for the approval of plans and drawings, the municipality may require the landowner to provide the facilities, facilities and other matters provided in the legislation by entering into a planning contract. James Bartleman Municipal Archives Centre 100 Tallwood Dr. (Corner of Woodroffe) Ottawa, Ontario Tel: 613-580-2857 Fax: 613-580-2614 E-mail: A delegation from the City of Ottawa, which refers the area within the City of Ottawa`s territorial boundaries as a site control area. The Province of Ontario sets the ground rules for land use planning through the Planning Act. Municipalities get all their powers and powers of action from the province. Planning law is used in most development applications, while municipal law regulates issues such as road openings, roadblocks and street name changes. Contact site planning management fees or call a development information officer.

The package contains a brief description of the proposed evolution with a position map and, if necessary, plans. There is a 28-day delay from the date the notification is sent to the affected staff. The official plan is implemented through the use of zoning, site control, local improvement strategies and the use of more detailed secondary planning processes.

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