Tenancy Agreement Fire Damage

Once your lease is terminated, you no longer owe rent. The landlord must pay back the overpaid rent within 14 days of the written application. According to CPLEA, tenants must continue to pay rent unless the lease has been frustrated – that is, if something happens that is controlled by both parties and makes it impossible to continue the agreement. There are a number of reasons why a lease may be frustrated, even if the property is destroyed, if there is a provision under the Public Health Act that states that the property is not suitable for human habitation, or if the property is damaged, which goes beyond what the owner could reasonably repair. If the tenant wants to move, they must make a written notification or obtain the landlord`s agreement to terminate the lease prematurely. Hello my property rented fire because of an electrical fault with a fire in the garage. Then caught on the house everything was destroyed, we left with nothing. I have two children, the we now homesless.we had no insurance and he had no land lord insurance.he was in the process of buying this property from his parents.we are homeless living in the car and motels.can tel me any info please number is 0412 869 202 How badly the property has been damaged and alternative accommodation was reasonable and necessary will be down the case individual in question and no strict set of rules will answer that question. I would like to know if its right, that if my house went into the fire (gha house) by another hold who lived nearby and I was already moving, but not all my things out before this happen now the (gha housing) say they can replace nothing of the house as we had time to get things , but I`ve had a month to answer my questions people or lawyers please don`t think they should leave us anything In most cases, the owner or the owner`s insurance will pay for repairs to the property and structure.

Tenants are responsible for replacing all damaged or destroyed items. A good rental agreement will also detail what your landlord or agent is covered by “appropriate use,” and you can mention it. If your rental agreement does not contain this information, you should clarify it in order to know your position. The court will have to decide whether the premises are uninhabitable and whether other circumstances warrant the termination of the contract. They cannot be evacuated without a court termination order. My building was only 3 months old, it almost burned down the other night. I lost everything. The fire was caused by an electrical fault. I was in the hospital on oxygen and I only have the Jocks I carry and my phone. Everything else is gone.

I also paid an extra month for the rent. The units are under a body. What`s going on here? Do you pay for the damage to my property, give the money back or move me to a motel until the apartment is repaired? I don`t really want to go back to the apartment, but have a one year contract and I`m only in agreement for 2 months.

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