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“Princess Diana`s spirit, words and actions live in the hearts of so many people,” Debicki said of her casting in a statement. “It is a great privilege and honour for me to be part of this masterful series that really excited me about Episode 1.” With the small but perfectly shaped YouView box, you`ll get the best of our entertainment channels, via 70 FreeView and BT Sport Lite channels. The deal follows lengthy discussions between viacom and FremantleMedia, who feared that “Neighbours” would disappear from UK screens after more than 30 years of programming installation. Negotiations were stalled and then restarted, with the two companies finally agreeing on a new agreement to secure the show`s future and increase the number of episodes aired. Keep live TV and rewind them, record your favourite shows and access the best entertainment channels and Freeview and BT Sport Lite. Just as the cast was updated after the first two seasons, the show does the same when it arrives in season 5. Netflix has confirmed that after Olivia Colman`s tenure as Queen Elizabeth II, Harry Potter will reprise the alum of Imelda Staunton. TVLine has been exclusively informed that the producers of Days of Our Lives have laid off all distribution of their contracts, with the venerable soap suspended indefinitely at the end of the month. While NBC Sudser has not been cancelled, the unprecedented – and very threatening – step comes to a time of precariousness for days challenged by ratings and the demise of soap genius as a whole. It also comes, as Sony Pictures Television and NBC are in negotiations to renew the series. The series is produced by FremantleMedia Australia for Channel 5 and for Network Tens, the eleven digital channel in Australia.

“Since its early days more than 30 years ago, Neighbours has become one of television`s most iconic shows, a mainstay of FremantleMedia`s drama catalogue and, with the possible exception of Kylie itself, Australia`s export number 1,” said C├ęcile Frot-Coutaz, CEO of FremantleMedia. One insider warned that since Days is running eight months in advance, the show will have enough canned episodes if it stops production at the end of November and lasts until the summer of 2020. If NBC Days is renewed, production is expected to resume in March. But by freeing the contract actors from their commitment to the show, the producers have no guarantee of who will return, if that is the case. Make your TV even more of an experience with our Entertainment Plus and breathtaking HD packs. You can also entertain the kids and add our exclusive children`s TV channel pack. Each package costs only $3 per month. Choose from the best entertainment with 20 premium channels, 70 YouView and BT Sport Lite channels.

YouView has all the programs and movies you never need to help you make the most of your time at home. Representatives for NBC and Sony declined to comment on the story. Meanwhile, a sony source informs TVLine that the studio is not involved in contract negotiations with the occupation. “The actor agreements are via Corday Productions,” explains the insider, referring to the Days production company. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Corday Productions did not respond to TVLine`s request.

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