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But there are many in Click-to-Agree contracts that would take a break for a lot of people if they knew about them. For example, users give the right to store, analyze and sell their data to web-based services – and to third parties with which services enter into contracts that users know nothing about. Increasingly, people are also clicking on their right to go to court if there is a problem. “There is a real concern that consumer protection law is being swallowed up by click-by-agree clauses,” says David Hoffman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School who studies contract law and psychology. Only a quarter of the 543 students even bothered to look at the fine print. But “watching” is not “reading”: on average, these more cautious carpenters spent about a minute with the thousands of words that make up NameDrop`s privacy and service agreements. And they all agreed with them. Some have argued that the vast majority of legal vocabulary in the information age is worth little more than the pixels on which it is written. Referring to the British common law, they point out that a valid contract must, at least in theory, offer the opportunity to negotiate. End-user licensing agreements – the rules governing the use of software and even hardware, which was mainly purchased and paid for – are contrary to this legal principle.

The motto of the ToS initiative; DR-User Rights (short for “Terms of Use; Did`t Read, inspired by the acronym Internet TL; DR” Too Long; Didn`t Read”: “I read the terms and I agree” is “the biggest lie on the web.” And pretty sure if Sony discovers that I`ve violated a notion of its 20,000 collective words of legal agreements that I and maybe three other people have read in their entirety, the company reserves the right: apparently losing data rights and the legal route is not reason enough to check online contracts. How can websites encourage users to read the fine print? Just about everything you buy has some sort of service agreement with it. When you buy software or media, it`s pretty simple, but Mark recommends keeping an eye on certain things: There are notes and organizes websites according to terms of use and privacy policies.

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