Trips Agreement Article 22

1. The holder of a protected commercial design has the right to prevent third parties who do not have the owner`s consent from manufacturing, selling or importing objects bearing or embodying a design that is a copy or, in essence, a copy of the protected design when such acts are carried out for commercial purposes. 1. Members agreed to engage in negotiations to strengthen the protection of the various geographical indications in accordance with Article 23. Paragraphs 4 to 8 below cannot be used by a member to refuse to negotiate or conclude bilateral or multilateral agreements. As part of these negotiations, members are prepared to consider the subsequent applicability of these provisions to the individual geographical indications whose use has been the subject of these negotiations. 2. The registration of a brand of wines containing or consisting of a geographical indication containing a geographical indication or consisting of a geographical indication or consisting of a geographical indication or consisting of it is automatically refused or cancelled when a member`s legislation authorizes it or, at the request of an interested party, with respect to those wines or spirits that do not have that origin. (9) Under this agreement, this agreement is not required to protect geographical indications that are not protected in their country of origin, that are no longer protected or that have no longer been used in that country. 8.

The provisions of this section do not affect a person`s right to use that person`s name or the name of that person`s predecessor in the economy in business, unless that name is used in such a way as to mislead the public. The measures taken to implement this section do not affect the admissibility or validity of a trademark or the right to use a trademark, since such a mark is identical or similar to a geographical indication. 1. For the purposes of this agreement, geographical indications are indications that include a credit of origin on the territory of a member, region or place located in the territory of a member state or place located in that area, where a particular characteristic, reputation or other characteristic of the goods is essentially due to their geographical origin. (b) before the geographical indication is protected in his country of origin; 4. There is nothing in this section that requires a member to prevent the continued and similar use of a given geographical indication of another member identifying wines or spirits in relation to the products or services of one of its nationals or residences who have continuously used this geographical indication for the same or similar goods or services in that member`s territory. (a) for a period of at least ten years prior to April 15, 1994 or b) faithfully prior to that date. 3. A member automatically objects to the registration of a mark containing or consisting of a mark for goods that are not from the specified area, where its legislation permits it or if, at the request of an interested party, the registration of a mark containing or consisting of a geographical indication is a species in that Member State. which can mislead the public about the true place of origin.

(5) If a trademark has been the subject of a good faith application or registration or if good faith rights have been acquired on a trademark: 1. Members ensure the protection of independently established industrial designs, which are new or original. Members may anticipate that the designs are not new or original if they are not significantly different from known designs or combinations of known features.

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