Which Airlines Have Interline Agreements

If an Interline agreement is in effect for passengers, it is possible to book via tickets and check luggage until the end. This does not mean that it will be easy to reserve the cards. If the two airlines concerned want the agreement to apply only in an emergency, they establish the reservation system so that instead of grouping the lowest available fares to deduct the transit fare, they use the full fares. A full list of Interline partners for an airline as important as BA will not be available publicly on the airline`s website (z.B BA). The list includes fierce rivals like Virgin Atlantic and BA will not advertise. What this means for customers if they are not accepted by check-in: do not use minimum connection time. They must pick up their bags on the ticket when they arrive at their destination. You must check in again at the departure airport of your trip. Each flight can apply a different volume of luggage. If the arrival flight is delayed, they are entitled to normal compensation (i.e. EU legislation) only for late flights.

You cannot claim the costs of continuing your flight if the arrival flight is late. Air partnerships are more complex and advanced than ever, for both better and for worse. About 20 years ago, Star Alliance was created, which was revolutionary at the time. SkyTeam and oneworld quickly joined the scene, and although they all exist, lately the focus has been on joint ventures. Indeed, how much can these bulk airlines have in common in the face of these alliances that have so many members? As proposed in the USBT article, you can do this yourself by searching for flights on EF or KVS that, in turn, go directly through a GDS, or using the website of an online travel agency like Expedia. If the combination of BA and the other airline appears on one line, there is an Interline agreement for this. For participating airlines, this type of agreement can attract more passengers because it provides easy access to destinations that are not served by the original airline. Emirates recently signed an Interline agreement with Mexico`s Interjet, which allows passengers on their new flights in Mexico City to continue flying other destinations without having to re-examine themselves or their luggage. The exact operation of this revenue-sharing agreement depends on the concrete agreement, but the idea is that two airlines essentially act as airlines as part of a joint venture.

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