Filling in a Cancelled Date

I had a date scheduled for Friday of last week, but my date had to cancel on me because she got back together with her boyfriend. It was so unexpected, but there was nothing I could really do about it. I didn’t know I was going to be someone’s rebound. I was prepared to sit at home on a Friday with nothing to do, when I remembered that I could get best las vegas escorts. I went to a website where the escort profiles were and selected one to be my new date for that Friday.

I prepared for the meeting with the escort the same way that I would prepare for any other date. I showered, shaved, put on my favorite cologne and my best clothed. The cologne I use is one that I picked out years ago. I like to think that it gives me a more attractive smell than all of the other colognes on the market. I wanted to have some dinner on my date, so I met with the escort at a great seafood restaurant. I love this place because it has a buffet style menu that lets you eat all of the seafood you want.

Both the escort and I had our fill of the seafood and talked while we were eating. After dinner, we wanted to see a show. I had tickets for a singer and it was amazing. The singer performed all of his greatest hits and we were singing along to them. After that, we went back to my home and things heated up from there. It was one of the best Friday nights of my life. The next day, the girl that I was originally going to go out with told me that she broke up with her boyfriend again, but I didn’t care.

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