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Holidays are simultaneously eagerly looked forward to by children and to an extent dreaded by parents. It is a time where the normal harried routine can be put on hold, with both parents and kids being able to enjoy a slower pace in the mornings and evenings. No rushing to get ready, eat breakfast and to be at school before the bells rings. However, while the mornings and evenings maybe calmer, keeping kids occupied during the rest of the day is not so easy.
Children really do not understand the adult concept of relaxation. For them work and play both involve constant activity while they also need lots of physical space. So it is no wonder that a full day of a kid or kids running around never really needing a break can be quite trying for a parent or carer trying to think of ways of keeping them occupied with minimum damage to property and peace of mind!
Well one very fundamental way is to of course is to organize excursions. A trip to the zoo, a day at the beach, nature walks all go a long way towards keeping your children occupied. Yet, what if it happens to be a wet day, not really conducive to outdoor activities? What if your child is recovering from one of those colds kids seem to contract with ease? Again kids do not understand resting to recover and still need activities to keep them occupied. This is when a good quality toy will come in handy, allowing the child to be kept busy not with mindless activity, but with an occupation that will actually help stimulate mind development at the same time.
For instance all children love to paint. It is part of being a child. An easel such as one by Melissa and Doug is an excellent option as it can last a child throughout childhood. It is easy to use and store and allows kids flexibility with its paper clip on option and paint holders. Everything is within their reach and with the height adjustability it is comfortable for kids of any height. An easel is guaranteed to keep your child occupied and happy painting to his or her heart’s content. Also you need not worry about spillage on your furniture or floor as you can have newspaper or plastic sheets under the easel. Another plus factor is the easel can be taken and set up where ever convenient, so that your child is always nearby for you to keep an eye on.


It is known to all that fashion changes by time. We cannot 100% define what kind of products are fashionable. Before we come into a conclusion, we should refer to the current trend. The rule also works for watches selection. Besides, we should choose the voguish horological items based on different genders because men and women hold different attitudes towards fashion.
According to individual experience, men are keen to classic and sophisticated mechanical watches. Though classic models come with simple design, they are really timeless and prone to match daily wardrobe. Such mechanical timepieces are the must-have collections for businessmen who always have business gathering. As to the sophisticated models of top craftsmanship, they are highly sought after by the watch collectors and connoisseurs for the increasing value. If you also take the current trend into consideration, you will find that the rose gold chronograph is enjoying great popularity. Thus, to judge the fashionable watches for men is an all-around issue. You should consider a lot of factors.
For women, their favorite models are no doubt those jewelry watches created by top brands. Jewelry addiction is the instinct for every woman. In their spare shopping, women always like to step into the jewelry stores to see what the new arrival is. In their eyes, jewelry is the symbol of social status and personal identification. Therefore if the watches come with sparkling gems and diamonds, they must become the favorites of women. Naturally, these watches are proved to be fashionable. As the society improves, women become more and more independent. They are no longer subjective to men. They have their own businesses. For the independent women, they have a unique love towards unisex watches with large dials which are usually loved by men. The reason is very simple. They want to stand side by side with men, not only in working circle but also in daily makeup.
To sum up, you should define the fashionable watches based on the instinctive favor of the wearer as well as the current trend.


The company has a long standing history, beginning in 1920, when it was created by Mister Bauer. He opened his first store, “Eddie Bauer’s Tennis Shop” in downtown Seattle, starting the business by building and repairing tennis rackets. Soon after, he expanded his activities to building golf clubs and fishing tackles. He used his spare time to develop a shuttlecock, which to his surprise enjoyed enormous success, being pivotal to the popularization of badminton in the United States.
Several years later, after developing hypothermia while on a fishing trip, Eddie Bauer tried to find a proper replacement for the heavy and bulky wool garments in use at the time. In 1940, he finally patented a new jacket design, the first quilted goose down-insulated jacket in the United States. The new jacket was a success and soon started selling as “The Skyliner”.
During the Second World War, in 1942, Bauer was commissioned by the United States Army Air Corps to develop a parka designed to keep pilots warm at high altitudes. The result was the “B-9 Flight Parka”, and an order of over 50.000 pieces. The necessities of the war allowed Eddie A�to supply the United States Army with a large number of sleeping bags, backpacks and pants.
In 1945, Bauer started selling woman clothing alongside its men products, and issued his first mail-order catalog.
In the 1950’s Eddie Bauer started a partnership with William Niemi, who will later became the sole CEO of Eddie Bauer, after Eddie and his son will sell their half to Niemi in the 1968.
In 1971, the company was bought by General Mills and the company shifted its focus on casual clothing, while expanding to over 60 stores.
Later, the brand was bought by Spiegel, and in the first year only 39 new Eddie Bauer stores opened.
By 1998, there were over 550 stores in North America, 32 in Japan and 9 in Germany.
Eddie Bauer kept its game up well into the 2000’s with various new collections, promotion or sponsoring various expeditions. Even now they often offer coupons to their customers.


One of the best ways to express your ideas, hobbies, or other personal interests is to create your own t-shirt. With the assistance of online custom print stores, it is easier than ever to create a design that truly reflects your personality. Whether you are passionate about music, sports, activism, travel, drama, dance, or anything else, you will be able to use design templates or come up with your own design to convey your interest.
Custom t-shirts can be used to express your sense of humor. There are many designs available with funny logos or text. It is just as easy to submit your own humorous text on the t-shirt of your choice. When you create your own t-shirt, you will be able to choose the size and color of the shirt as well as all of the details as far as images and text are concerned. Many people create humorous t-shirts for specific events such as bachelor or bachelorette parties, family or alumni reunions, birthdays, or other occasions.
If you are part of an organization, you can create your own t-shirt as a way to express the organization’s purpose or mission. Once you have come up with a distinctive design for your group, you will be able to order custom t-shirts in bulk at a discount price. Custom t-shirts are popular among activist groups or individuals who wish to express an important idea or message.
You can also create your own t-shirt to bring about a sense of team spirit and unity for a group you are part of. Sports teams often use custom t-shirts with their team name, mascot, and even team motto for the season. Performance groups, such as those involved in music, drama, or dance, create custom t-shirts as a way to advertise upcoming events. By prominently displaying the performance date, location and other important details, the potential for a larger audience will be increased. This is an effective and inexpensive way to advertise. At the same time, such custom t-shirts are great mementos of the event.
When you choose to create your own t-shirt, the possibilities are limitless. You can be as creative as you would like as a way to express yourself no matter what your interests or hobbies are. Peruse the designs available online. For further customization, you can add text around the available images or submit images of your own for a truly distinctive custom t-shirt.

I tried to save money by having a company install glass shower doors in my home, but this company was fairly cheap, and the work they did was terrible. I tried to get a refund from them, and they wouldn’t comply, to I had to file a complaint and look into legal action. Ultimately I was able to get my money back, but I still needed to have a glass door for my shower. This time I looked for a better company to install glass shower doors in NJ. I learned my lesson about going for the lowest price without doing any research.

The new company I found had a guarantee for their work, so if I wasn’t satisfied with the job, getting my money back wouldn’t be a hassle like with the other company. They did some measurements and made some estimates on how much it would cost to install the doors. They not only had to put new doors in, but take away the terrible installation that the previous company did. The other company basically made everything more difficult for everyone. Since I took legal action against them, other people have begun to find out about their poor work and will stray away from hiring them.

The installation done by the second company was exceptional. They did a great job and they didn’t take nearly as long as the other company to do it. I was so pleased with their work that I gave them a little extra in their payment. I showed my brother the new glass doors and he liked them so much that he wanted to have a set installed in the bathrooms in his home. Unfortunately, his wife wanted to use their savings on another home improvement project at the time, so he had to wait.


Here are another 5 types of portrait photography
Candid’s – This is generally characterised by the taking of the photograph without the subject knowing it is being done. This technique can produce some of the most natural and emotive pictures. It can also be a lot of fun, catching people off-guard can lead to some amusing poses. However it is not always easy to do. You have to train your eye to notice these moments, almost before they happen. You have to be able to move fast to grab them before they slip away. Try and have the camera set up on the right exposure and aperture, so you are ready and just have to point and shoot. With just a bit of practise you can get all this to happen at the same time and take some very rewarding photographs. One thing to remember though is if you intend to publish them you will still have to get your subject to sign a “model release form” showing they give their permission for that. Nudes – This can either be male or female. There is a huge difference between an artistic nude and an erotic or glamour shot. Artistic nudes are simple, all about tone, texture and form. They are not intended to convey sexuality. It can be quite challenging to photograph a classical nude. There is a great reliance on lighting and the right pose. If you consider yourself a competent photographer it is a challenge that you should consider. Artistic Portraits – Try something different to create an arty, unique photograph. For example have the portrait slightly out of focus, making it less formal and more fun. Try a tight crop or a wide one leaving it mostly background. Try different angles for example side-on, or shoot upwards, or even downwards. Different lenses like a fish-eye can provide interesting pictures. Or try photographing it in infra-red, for a unique take on it. The key with this type of photography is to experiment – see what works and what doesn’t. You may find it surprises you. Gritty Portraits – These are almost always taken in black and white. They require the person being photographed to display a lot of their character in their facial features. Often the resulting pictures are fairly grainy. The direction on the light is very important, to maintain that raw quality. Again with a bit of practice and the right model some very characterful shots can be taken. Fashion Photography – This is a lot less about the character of the subject and more about the clothes they are wearing. Often characterised by the full-length shot or the tight crop on a detail. Again as with nearly all portrait photography the lighting and the poses are all important. You almost have to give the clothes a personality and decide what you need to convey to the viewer to sell them. For example you wouldn’t shoot bi-kini’s at a ski resort, or conversely hats and scarfs on the Caribbean? Have a think and try to come up with some different poses and locations to get what you need.
That was a list of another 5 types of portrait photography. As you can see it is a very varied genre. I hope you now have a mindful of ideas, so what are you waiting for – grab you camera and get out there!


Bright is better. It’s time to leave the darker solids behind and wear spring colors. Spring is all about bright colors. Peach, robin blue, light yellow, light red, light purple and pink are just a few examples of good spring colors. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and try something new! Remember, winter is dull and dark. Spring is bold and exciting.
Take care of your skin. Continue your existing skin care regimen or if you’ve been slacking off, get started again. Make sure you always wear sunscreen outdoors-this is the best way to look younger. Wash with facial cleanser twice a day and moisturize afterward. Exfoliate every other day and drink plenty of water.
Do some spring cleaning. Go through your closet and get rid of stuff you no longer wear (donate, don’t throw away). Try bright colors and floral patterns for spring. And of course, it soon it will be time to get out the flip-flops and open-toed shoes!
Look after your feet. You’ll be showing off a lot more of your feet soon. Make sure they get the right care before flip flop season comes around. A good pedicure will do wonders. Make sure you take care of any calluses or excess skin. And your feet shouldn’t smell!
Exercise for a better you. Last but not least, take care of yourself. Spring is a great time to restart your New Years resolution and live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise at least four times per week and eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can-they’re easy enough to find in the springtime. Don’t worry about losing weight to look good in a swimsuit. Work out and eat healthy for a you that’s better all-around.
Spring is all about making you happy. Shed the ho-hum feelings of winter and move on to more pleasant times. Think about traveling, learning something new or restoring old relationships. Spring is a time to start fresh in so many ways. It’s not just about how you look. How you feel inside also matters.
You should also ask others about your spring look. Ask friends and family for honest feedback about your style and habits. Do you bite your nails too much? Maybe you’re offending someone without realizing it. Use spring as an opportunity to clean and freshen up all aspects of your life. Your attitude matters just as much as your style.

Birds are amazing animals, but certain ones can be bothersome too. I guess they are just like any other creature, including humans! I manage a boutique in the city, and the birds decided not long ago that they wanted to live close to the boutique building. The building is independent of any others, though there are others not far away, well within walking distance. I knew that the birds were bothersome for everyone, but I was on my own for taking care of the boutique. I went to my computer and did a search for bird control about a month ago when I opened the door and put my hand right in some of their waste material.

I scrubbed my hands for a good while, and then I looked up some information on pigeons, since they were the main culprits. I actually went and washed my hands again for a longer time after reading about how dirty they actually are. They carry so many types of diseases and pass them on not only to other animals but to humans too. They also are responsible for some viruses, which meant I had to take care of this problem sooner rather than later.

I knew I could not do this on my own, since they liked the roof. I am not afraid of heights, but I just felt too unqualified to fix this problem on my own. I did not have the expertise, the knowledge nor the materials needed for it, but the company I called in to help me did. They have over 20 years of experience in dealing with bird problems, so I gladly handed over control of the problem to them. They ended up putting a bird wire on the edges of the roof as well as making sure that any spot on the roof where they roost now made it impossible for them to do that. I still pigeons around, but they are around the other buildings now! I have passed on the contact info for the company that helped me to the other business managers in the area.


Moving to your new dream home soon? Then, no doubt, you long for all the praises from your friends and neighbors for the home decor you planned for years. Certainly, there are several things to be done before you flaunt it.
Moving to your new dream home soon? Then, no doubt, you long for all the praises from your friends and neighbors for the home decor you planned for years. Certainly, there are several things to be done before you flaunt it. Giving a gorgeous look to your living room or bedroom requires a nicely dressed up window frame. Window frame, curtains, rods all plays a big role in dolling up your home. If you have not decorated it gracefully, something is going to amiss. And, definitely, you don’t want to settle down with something that is less appealing to your lovely home!
You have decided on the stylish curtain panels and draperies to complement your beautiful window casing; and the next step is selecting the right curtain rods and brackets which match your interior design, layout and color. Things look seamless only if you strike wise dealings and right choices!
Find out a curtain rod design which goes well with your interior design in general.
Gone are the days where people go for some simple straight poles. Now, all of us know, there is a huge variety of trendy and smart curtain rods to decorate our window case aesthetically. You can find them in all classy and modern designs and colors. There are stacked square and stacked round models. You can also find ball, trophy and kamrak shapes drapery rods. Pick up the best design which well integrates with your other home decor articles.
What is the dominant color of your home decor? Just keep in mind this factor when you select your curtain rod as it has a lot to do with the overall color theme. If you don’t want to mess it up, choose a color which harmonizes with your interior.
Another thing that gives you considerable menace would be getting a drapery rod that fit into the height and length of your window frame. You can get rid of this pest by paying attention to the dimension of the curtain rod you want to purchase. Your problem is solved when you choose curtain rod which can be stretched or dwindled.
The next point is, never ever compromise with the quality and durability, you may need to search for a sturdy curtain rod as some of them wobble and fail to give a good support to the heavy fabrics used for curtain panels, valance or draperies. You may want that heavy material for your window curtain just because you look for a perfect look and elegance! Therefore, when you go for selecting these curtain rods prefer a reputed online store that cater to interior designs and home decor.
Plus, you can go for other decorative fixings like stylish finials, chic drapery hooks and rings to add more flair to your living room or bedroom on the whole.


Bolongaro Trevor brand was founded in 2006 by the former owner of All Saints label which happens to be husband and wife, Stuart Trevor and Kati Bolongaro together with their three children. Their clothes incorporates men’s wear and women wear. Their initial collection was launched in the spring of 2007 with the motif of vintage and work wear inspired pieces.
Since the day the brands very first collection was introduced to the open public, the brand name was reaching for the top of fame. As of 2011 the brand is now available in over 100 stores planetwide. The manufacturers designs and motif were influenced by British subcultures and British in general. They used the union jack as their primary motif and inspiration on every collection. They used the contemporary British and traditional British work wear scrubs to develop a collection that is both vintage and modern. Their main assortment consist of knitwear in fine merino wool, jersey polo shirts, deep crotch trousers and jeans, leather jackets and coats with navy motif, t shirt with Gothic Victorian motivated prints. Most of their rock n roll collection has fascinated many celebrity fans like Peaches Geldof, Daisy Lowe, Liam Gallagher and a lot more.
For girls wear there are different styles and designs to choose from. In spring-summer of 2011 Bolongaro Trevor presented their new collection for ladies such as Amadeus Parker bright white with the description of Egyptian cotton silk parker with lace trim; another lady wear that is from their assortment is the Botanical Vest with the description of digital print 100 % cotton and silk voile. They also have different collections for men such as Ziggy (Beluga), The Who Jacket True, Smack Mac for jackets and more. They also have different assortments of jersey such as Depp Hood (beaten grass), Give Me More, Ripper, Manzanerad (all-natural stone) and a lot more.
If you want to see the assortment you can visit their site or you can check their store branches from different areas near you. When choosing apparel, it is important that you buy it because you feel snug when you wear it not mainly because this is what’s new and in. Often it is also important that you pick clothes that fits you and that you will look good in it. cost tag won’t make any difference after you wear such clothes either because it is expensive but it is not important what other people’s feed back when they see you wearing such clothes. We don’t need clothes that are too expensive just to please other people. If you have the skill to carry it in a more elegant and attractive way, and you look nice in it in your own way, that will subject the most.