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The fashion of tight jeans seems to be making a comeback in the scene kids world. Whether it is skin-tight, or just tapered narrow to the ankle, they are there and many kids are reverting to that style as well. Bye, bye bell-bottoms or boot-cut jeans and say hello to the new thing on the block.
Except, it’s not really new. Tight jeans saw their time in the 1980’s when kids would pin the bottom of their extremely tight pant legs together so that it was tight all over. Now we are seeing this trend making a return in the scene kids world and slowly but surely into the fashion of our children. As a parent, just the look of tight jeans makes me uncomfortable. I cannot imagine wearing something that is that tight, but it doesn’t seem to bother the younger generations. Of course, at their age they are more willing to suffer for fashion than the older generations.
It would appear that our culture is once more returning to the crazy hair colors, eye liners, ratty hair, and skinny jeans that already made an appearance once. Along with it are the crazy costume jewelry and insane color combinations that had many of us reaching for our sunglasses. However, it’s not all bad as more kids are turning to the scene kids world to express themselves without hurting anyone else. That is a vast improvement to the risky expressions we sometimes see in the real world that could end up getting our kids hurt.

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