Month: March 2020


Who would not want to look like a celebrity? that is too far fetched them surely everyone would like to dress like one? Looking at celebrities in magazines, movies and billboards surely you would want to walk the streets with the same glamour that they do. You should not lose hope though since you can dress like a celebrity without having to spend like one, with these 10 easy tips!
1. Mix and Match
Surprisingly, dressing like your favorite celebrity does not start with a trip to the nearest mall and boutique, it would start in your very own closet. Do an inventory of your wardrobe and start mix and matching pieces you have not tried before. You can buy one high end piece like a jacket, a pair of boots or leather pants and you can then match this with your other pieces you already have.
2. Accessorize!
To add some spice to your outfit you can always add up accessories like earrings, bangles, scarves and necklaces this will help keep your outfit looking new and fresh and have people taking a second look.
3. Research
In order to dress like a celebrity, you would need to know what the latest trends in fashion are. You can easily research on this by looking through the latest edition of Vogue or Cosmopolitan. There will always be a section or article dedicated to be able to shop for great looks for less. If you cannot afford a subscription you can always search on celebrity sites for the latest fashion trends. With enough research you can easily find a cheaper alternative to what your favorite celebrity is wearing.
4. Make sure you still dress as you
Even if your favorite celebrity is currently wearing leather leggings it does not mean that you have to buy a pair and wear them, especially if you are not really ‘rocking’ the look. Remember that you also have to consider the build of your body. Unfortunately just because this piece looks good on your favorite celebrity, does not mean that it will also look good on you. When looking at magazines always consider first, ‘Will this look good on me?’ It is always a good suggestion to mix your style with your favorite celebrities’ even if you want to dress like your favorite celebrity, there should still be the element of ‘you’ in the wardrobe.
5. Research on sales and discounts
Your favorite celebrity need not wait for a sale to go shopping but if you want to learn how to dress up like a celebrity without spending like one, then you would just need to research on sales and discounts. Even the most high end boutiques go on sales right? So if you want to save on great celebrity looks then research on when shops and boutiques will be going on sale and take advantage of this to have great savings and look great at the same time.
6. Experiment with different looks
Celebrities have different looks, it could depend on the season or on what mood they are in, but whatever their basis is celebrities always have a different look for each occasion and you should too. Do not stick to the normal routine of shirt and jeans, you can go fo vintage, knee length shirts and ruffled skirts-the possibilities are endless. You scan experiment on your dark side and try a rocker chick look with lots of black leather and eyeliner!
7. Something old can be something new
Fashion has proven that what was hot and in a few years before can make a comeback today! So go ahead and rummage through your mom’s clothes or thrift shops, especially accessories-vintage is always classy and timeless.
8. Great wardrobe should come with great underwear
Yes! If you want to have a great wardrobe you should start from what you are wearing inside! The wrong kind of underwear can ruin your outfit, especially if you are not comfortable in them. To feel good with what you are wearing you should start from what you are wearing inside.
9. Shades! Shades! Shades!
An awesome pair of shades for when you go out either doing your errands or meeting your girlfriends is a must! Wearing a catchy pair of shades gives you that mysterious look and will have people taking a second look and will have them wondering if they ever saw you on TV.
10. Walk the part
No matter what trendy clothes you are wearing if you are walking with your head low and back lurched, you will not be able to complete your celebrity look; so make sure that you are confident and that you can walk the walk.
Remember that dressing up is all about self expression, so even if you are trying to emulate a celebrity vibe-your personality should still come out. When people see you walking down the road they should see you and not a celebrity from a magazine and with these tips they will surely see a fashionable you without having to spend as much.