Month: December 2020


Holidays are simultaneously eagerly looked forward to by children and to an extent dreaded by parents. It is a time where the normal harried routine can be put on hold, with both parents and kids being able to enjoy a slower pace in the mornings and evenings. No rushing to get ready, eat breakfast and to be at school before the bells rings. However, while the mornings and evenings maybe calmer, keeping kids occupied during the rest of the day is not so easy.
Children really do not understand the adult concept of relaxation. For them work and play both involve constant activity while they also need lots of physical space. So it is no wonder that a full day of a kid or kids running around never really needing a break can be quite trying for a parent or carer trying to think of ways of keeping them occupied with minimum damage to property and peace of mind!
Well one very fundamental way is to of course is to organize excursions. A trip to the zoo, a day at the beach, nature walks all go a long way towards keeping your children occupied. Yet, what if it happens to be a wet day, not really conducive to outdoor activities? What if your child is recovering from one of those colds kids seem to contract with ease? Again kids do not understand resting to recover and still need activities to keep them occupied. This is when a good quality toy will come in handy, allowing the child to be kept busy not with mindless activity, but with an occupation that will actually help stimulate mind development at the same time.
For instance all children love to paint. It is part of being a child. An easel such as one by Melissa and Doug is an excellent option as it can last a child throughout childhood. It is easy to use and store and allows kids flexibility with its paper clip on option and paint holders. Everything is within their reach and with the height adjustability it is comfortable for kids of any height. An easel is guaranteed to keep your child occupied and happy painting to his or her heart’s content. Also you need not worry about spillage on your furniture or floor as you can have newspaper or plastic sheets under the easel. Another plus factor is the easel can be taken and set up where ever convenient, so that your child is always nearby for you to keep an eye on.