Month: November 2020

Fabric face Masks wholesale Direct to your door

fabric face mask factory

Washable fabric face masks directly from the factory, our factories in Vietnam produce masks made of excellent cotton, for frequent use and anti-bactria, masks are available for wholesale orders only, and at a special price as we are the exclusive distributors of the factory, you can contact us for special orders, we do shipping to all countries. 

Fabric face masks made of cloth are frequently usable as you can wash them and use them several times because they are made of fabric and fabric materials, which is a healthy fabric material.

Design & Colours – Fabric Face Masks

Special designs for children, international brands and sports. You can order the design and it will be made for you according to your request, we do custom made face masks and branding to our partners. 

Please contact us directly to display more designs for washable face masks.

Prices and shipping – Fabric Face Masks

Wholesale price for fabric face masks

Please contact us in order to get the best possible price, find out the required quantities and calculate the cost of shipping by quantity and the cost will be calculated with the final discount, we provide large quantities of washable face masks directly from the factory.

Fabric Face Masks from Factory in Vietnam


It is known to all that fashion changes by time. We cannot 100% define what kind of products are fashionable. Before we come into a conclusion, we should refer to the current trend. The rule also works for watches selection. Besides, we should choose the voguish horological items based on different genders because men and women hold different attitudes towards fashion.
According to individual experience, men are keen to classic and sophisticated mechanical watches. Though classic models come with simple design, they are really timeless and prone to match daily wardrobe. Such mechanical timepieces are the must-have collections for businessmen who always have business gathering. As to the sophisticated models of top craftsmanship, they are highly sought after by the watch collectors and connoisseurs for the increasing value. If you also take the current trend into consideration, you will find that the rose gold chronograph is enjoying great popularity. Thus, to judge the fashionable watches for men is an all-around issue. You should consider a lot of factors.
For women, their favorite models are no doubt those jewelry watches created by top brands. Jewelry addiction is the instinct for every woman. In their spare shopping, women always like to step into the jewelry stores to see what the new arrival is. In their eyes, jewelry is the symbol of social status and personal identification. Therefore if the watches come with sparkling gems and diamonds, they must become the favorites of women. Naturally, these watches are proved to be fashionable. As the society improves, women become more and more independent. They are no longer subjective to men. They have their own businesses. For the independent women, they have a unique love towards unisex watches with large dials which are usually loved by men. The reason is very simple. They want to stand side by side with men, not only in working circle but also in daily makeup.
To sum up, you should define the fashionable watches based on the instinctive favor of the wearer as well as the current trend.